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Press Release

Feb. 9, 2023 |

FAIRPORT, N.Y. February 9, 2023 -- Seneca Foods Corporation (NASDAQ: SENEA, SENEB) today announced that it will appoint the current Vice President of Finance, Michael Wolcott, to Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) effective April 1, 2023. As CFO, Mr. Wolcott will oversee the Company’s finance organization and be responsible for all financial and accounting matters, including tax, treasury, internal audit, and investor relations. Mr. Wolcott will also serve on the Company’s executive management team and will be involved in the Company’s corporate strategy and business development, including mergers & acquisitions, and capital transactions. Mr. Wolcott will report to the President and Chief Executive Officer, Paul Palmby. Mr. Wolcott will succeed the Company’s current CFO, Tim Benjamin, who has announced his retirement as CFO effective March 31, 2023. Mr. Benjamin will remain with the Company until June 30, 2023, and provide transition assistance as needed.


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