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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A Few Things to Know About valPure® Polyesters

  • They are not made using BPA
  • They are approved for use in food packaging by FDA and Health Canada
  • They are approved for use in packaging for all people, including children

Why are coatings important for cans?

  • Can linings are essential to canned food safety. They help avoid food spoilage and protect against bacteria-related illnesses such as botulism.
  • Linings enable light metal packaging to be the safest and most shelf-stable food packaging solution available to consumers.
  • Can linings keep food affordable by ensuring product stability, retaining shelf life, and preserving flavor.

What are valPure® Polyesters?

  • Valspar’s valPure® Polyesters are non-BPA coatings for light metal packaging used for lining food cans.

Why are you using valPure® Polyesters?

  • Customers and consumers have made requests for products made without BPA. valPure® Polyesters are BPA alternatives that meet strict safety requirements and are approved for use by government health authorities.

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