Kids Eating Healthy

Every parent knows the nightmare of dealing with picky eaters. So what's a parent to do?

  • Don't give up - it takes up to 15 exposures to a food before kids accept it! Continue to encourage them to try, but don't force the issue.
  • Exposure is important. Incorporate healthy fruits and vegetables into as many dishes as possible in as many different ways as you can. (Bonus: we make it affordable!)
  • Avoid the "clean plate" deal, which can create negative impressions. As long as your child takes a few bites, it's better than nothing.
  • Get creative and load up kids' favorite foods with Seneca vegetables or fruit.
  • Dazzle your kids with color by giving them a broad range of choices.
  • Add alphabet noodles or fun shapes to vegetable soups.
  • Cut veggies and fruit into shapes or arrange faces on the plate to create a "fun time".
  • If everything else fails, try camouflage. Adding vegetables to sauces, omelets, pizza, and baked goods can give them an "added boost" of nutrition.
  • Keep quick, healthy snacks available for the "Mom, I'm starving" moments. Try Seneca Snack Chips.
  • Blend vegetables with sour cream or fruits with yogurt to create dips for raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Get Them Involved! Kids love having command over their food. Just 15 minutes of letting your kids help prepare meals can lead to healthier eating habits as they grow.
  • Have your kids list their favorite foods when preparing the grocery list; then stock up on Seneca products so you always have healthy options on hand and you don’t have to worry about them going to waste.

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