Arthur S. Wolcott

Mr. Wolcott has served as the Chairman of the Board of the Company since 1949.

Kraig H. Kayser

Mr. Kayser is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and has served in that capacity since 1993. From 1991-1993 he served as the Company's Chief Financial Officer.

Timothy Benjamin

Mr. Benjamin comes to the Company with more than 30 years of work experience in finance, treasury, tax and risk management areas. Mr. Benjamin was most recently Corporate Treasurer at North American Breweries in Rochester, New York, since 2011, and prior to that he was Director of Treasury and Tax Operations at IEC Electronics Corporation in 2010, and was with Birds Eye Foods, Inc. for 15 years prior in increasingly responsible financial positions, reaching the position of Vice President and Treasurer in 2008.

Carl A. Cichetti

Mr. Cichetti has served as Senior Vice President Technology and Planning since 2009 and Chief Information Officer of the Company since 2006. He was a Senior Consultant of Navint (Technology Consulting) from 2004-2005 and Senior Vice President of Technology of Citigroup from 2001- 2004.

Dean E. Erstad

Mr. Erstad has been Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Company since 2001 and Vice President of Private Label Sales during 2000.

John D. Exner

Mr. Exner has been General Counsel of the Company since 2006 and Assistant Secretary since 2007. He was Legal Counsel/Vice President from 1991-2002 and Legal Counsel/President from 2002 to 2005 of Midwest Food Processors Association, Inc.

Cynthia L. Fohrd

Ms. Fohrd has been Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Company since 2007. Ms. Fohrd has held various positions since joining the Company in 1988 including Financial Analyst, Internal Auditor, Risk Management and Vice President of Human Resources.

Sarah S. Mortensen

Ms. Mortensen has been Assistant Secretary since 1986. She joined the Company as Administrative Assistant in 1968.

Paul L. Palmby

Mr. Palmby has been Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company since 2006. Prior to that, he served as President of the Vegetable Division of the Company from 2005 to 2006 and Vice President of Operations of the Company from 1999-2004. Mr. Palmby joined the Company in March 1987.

Aaron M. Girard

Mr. Girard has served as Senior Vice President of Logistics since 2011.  He joined the company in 2009 as Vice President of Transportation.

Matt J. Henschler

Mr. Henschler has been Senior Vice President of Technical Services and Development since 2016 and Vice President of Technical Services and Development since 2005.

Jeffrey L. VanRiper

Mr. Van Riper has been Vice President since 2008 and Corporate Controller, Principal Accounting Officer and Secretary of the Company since 1986. He joined the Company as Accounting Manager in 1978.