Growth Opportunities

Our vision at Seneca Foods is to continue to grow as the leader in packaged produce by remaining deeply rooted in our fundamental beliefs, and through a shared commitment to those we serve. That shared commitment directly involves our relationship with our employees.

Employees will be treated with respect and we will look to promote from within to provide advancement opportunities to our employees and develop loyalty.

We recognize that in order to achieve our vision, Seneca must continue its commitment to its loyal employees. Without their dedication and hard work, achievement of our goals would not be possible. All in all, it is the combined team effort of every member of our Seneca Family that will enable us to be successful in reaching it.

Seneca Learns

We have developed programs to empower our employees with the skills necessary to help them in making a difference to our company. These programs positively impact both our employees and the work environment. Two key programs are Seneca GROWS (Get Rid of Waste Systematically) and Seneca SAVES (Seneca Adding Value Employee System).

GROWS is an approach to learning based on the philosophy that job enrichment must come from uninhibited involvement of those affected. It highlights respect and understanding, and reinforces growth and engagement between the individual and the organization. At the center of GROWS is the development of a continuous improvement action plan. Action plans are instrumental in helping to reach many of Seneca's objectives. We create action plans by reviewing situations in the work area and looking for possible improvements. Many action plans impact the areas of Quality, Human Safety, Cost Reduction, Productivity, or the Environment.

SAVES is an action oriented process improvement program founded on systematic lean problem solving, disciplined waste elimination, superior cost management, and iterative continuous improvements across the organization impacting areas such as quality, service delivery, and employee safety. The program is committed to supporting professional development and personal growth of employees by providing education, training, and direct coaching on the application of lean tools and methodologies. It also fosters a learning organization by promoting reflection, self-assessment, and learning from our experiences.