Message from Our President

"We Feed The World" represents our mission statement where we transmit those few words into action each and every day. I firmly believe that there is something special going on when we can produce over two billion cans of "good for you" products each fall and sell them around the world. Throughout my travels, as I meet with people that are associated with Seneca Foods, I am reminded again and again of the impact our Company and products make. I am confident about the future of our products because they represent a real value to customers who are worried about feeding their families healthy but affordable foods.

Our vision, which is "to continue to grow as a leader in the fruit and vegetable industry by remaining deeply rooted in our fundamental beliefs and through a shared commitment to those we serve" not only impacts customers around the world, but growers, customers, suppliers and many others as well who also share our commitment and vision.

While we are a world leader in agribusiness working with over 3,000 American farmers each year to manufacture our product, the focus of what we do is on the user of our products - people all over the world who spend their hard earned dollars feeding their families - and that is how "We Feed The World!".


Kraig H. Kayser, President & CEO