1950s Seneca

  • Contracted with Minute Maid® to co-pack the first frozen grape juice in the nation.
  • Acquired Hudson Valley Pure Food Co., Hilton Fruit Co-op, North Wayne Co-op and Westfield Maid Co-op.
  • Added apple processing, fountain fruits, syrups, and maraschino cherries.
  • Developed private label, bulk, industrial and co-pack segments.

1960s Seneca

  • Our corporate name was changed from Seneca Grape Juice Company to Seneca Foods Corporation.
  • Opened The Prosser, a Washington plant.
  • Consolidated The Highland and Westfield, New York plants into an expanded Dundee plant.
  • Continued to add brokers and expand distribution throughout the country.
  • Premiered our first advertisement on popular network TV shows and other media.
  • Acquired Boordy Vineyards and began making quality wine.
  • Introduced Vitamin C-enriched apple juice, a first in the industry!
  • Seneca Stock began trading in the over-the-counter market.

1970s Seneca

  • Acquired the S.S. Pierce Company and changed out corporate name to S.S. Pierce Company.
  • A non-food group was added through the acquisition of Tapetex (textiles), Lehman Bros. (paint), and Castle Hansen (glass).
  • Purchased Marion Canning which marked our entry into vegetable processing.
  • Purchased an apple processing plant in Mountain Home, North Carolina.
  • Increased business with retail and food service customers through acquiring Fruit Belt Preserving Co., Seneca Kraut, and Perfection Foods.
  • Began the production of metal cans for both our juice and vegetable products

1980s Seneca

  • Our Corporate name was changed back to Seneca Foods Corporation.
  • Acquired Libby® canned vegetables and six additional processing plants.
  • Rolled out the first natural frozen grape juice and expanded our juice line.
  • Advertised our juices nationally using Marion Ross from TV's "Happy Days".
  • Entered the private label retail and food service vegetable business in the Midwest.
  • Began producing IQF frozen vegetables for the foodservice and industrial markets.


1990s Seneca

  • Acquired several name brands including Treesweet®, Orange Plus®, Awake® juice Blue Boy®, Aunt Nellie's® and Lohmann® brands.
  • Expanded sales to global markets with the acquisition of an apple chip business.
  • Acquired six vegetable plants from Pillsbury® and entered into an alliance with them to manufacture products for the Green Giant® label.
  • Acquired a maraschino cherry and glace fruit business.
  • Focused resources on our core vegetable business.
  • Acquired the rights to market a full range of International Libby products to over 30 countries around the world.
  • Expanded Seneca Flight Operations.

2000s Seneca

  • Celebrated a Golden Anniversary: 50 years of dedication to our consumers.
  • Seneca Snack Company acquired the vacuum frying assets of Tastee Apple, Inc. 
  • Acquired 100% of the membership interests of Signature Fruit Company, LLC.
  • Completed the second largest acquisition in its history by acquiring 12 plants from Chiquita Brands, Inc.
  • Acquired Agrilink's Midwest private label canned vegetable business.

  • Acquired the assets of UniLink, LLC and Lebanon Valley Cold Storage, LP, creating an eastern distribution point.
  • Innovation played a large part towards Seneca's growth from product line extensions of Aunt Nellie's® 3-Bean Salad to the development of Seneca Potato Chips, and more.
  • Acquired Gray & Company, based in Hart, Michigan, the world's leading provider of maraschino cherries and one of the largest providers of glace or candied fruit products.